The Flower Box


A sympathy design that bring the outdoors indoors.  This particular design was given to us to create for a funeral services.  It is designed in a plastic window box.  Make sure the holes are not punched out or the water will leak out of the bottom of the container.  You can use any types of florals, but this one called for all vibrant colors which I liked because it is so summery.  At the base of the inside of the container is wet floral foam to design the flowers in.  It has tall linear flowers, small bud flowers, round bud flowers and lilies.  This particular design features gerberas, delphinium, glads, lilies, daisys, roses, spray roses, snapdragons and carnations.  The base is covered with greenery and sheet moss.  This would be a great idea for a patriotic piece or a pastel assortment as well.  The flowers are all facing forward as would happen is a true window box.  Next time you are interested in a design that is real show stopper and unique consider this design.  Your Florist can help!  http://www.bloomsflowershop.NET

Flower box

Busy Bee Time


You think the January after the holidays would be a quiet time at a Flower Shop.  But it is not.  January means two things.  #1 Year End, #2 Valentines Day.  Immediately following December 31st we box up all Christmas and set up Valentines Day Displays.  Once that is complete, all Valentine Feature Arrangements for the Shop need to be created, photographed and posted on-line for future purchases.  Once the designs are created, merchandise is ordered and prep work is done,  it is time to move onto year end bookkeeping and reporting.  If you know of someone who is a Bee Bee in January, a pretty springy mixed bouquet with a fun little bee flying from it is perfect.  I like that this one has a mixture of bright colors and pastels with a touch of laciness from the babys breath.  Finished with a fun mix of tulle and plaid this design is sure to keep the busy bee in your life buzzing!  See your Florist and they will help you with your creation .


Fresh and Silk Christmas Combo


What is prettier on a Christmas table or more traditional then a Holiday Centerpiece with candles.  This year’s Blooms Holiday Centerpiece featured 3 candles inserted at different levels.  I like this idea because it gives different angles to the bouquet.  The bouquet itself has mixed pines brought upward toward the center and downward at the edges.  This gives a different look then a design that has all the greens long and low.  Inside we used fresh flowers of Red Roses.  Instead of lilies we choose to use white silk poinsettias.  This option will last and can be repurposed next year.  The remainder of the bouquet is accented with wide red velvet trimmed in gold, shinny glass balls, pine cones, berrys and white twigs.  All the components create a design that has lots of textures.  When creating your holiday bouquets try a piece that combines fresh and permanent florals and other accents.  Because there are no rules when being creative! As always lean on your local florist for ideas, we love to help!  http://www.bloomsflowershop.NET


A Sea of Greens


What says Winter and Christmas combined more than fresh Holiday Greens.  During the first part of December we begin to receive in boxes of what we call Winter Greens.  These greens consist of varieties of douglas fir, noble fir, blue juniper, cedar, white pine, boxwood and occasionally holly.  We keep them nice and tidy in their boxes until we are ready to begin “greening in”.  Greening In is when we take handfuls of the assorted pine and begin to create the bases for our Holiday Floral pieces.  It takes some time so we try to get this task done the beginning of December so the greens can have a steady supply of water and the containers are prepped for filing.  It is important when greening in to make sure the needles are stripped off the base of each branch before placing the sprigs of pine into the oasis or vessel.  Any greens left stagnant in water can create a situation that is not favorable to the longevity of the flowers.  As a Florists you know that greening in can create quite a mess on the palm of your hands from sap.  However, within a day it usually comes off with normal washing.  The smell of the pine in the shop is wonderful.  If you are in the holiday spirit and want to create a beautiful sea of greens and scents, visit your Florist or even snip some pine from your surroundings and give it a try.  Merry Christmas!  http://www.bloomsflowershop.NET


Thanks for 2019


This year was a season of change at the store.  Our shop was blessed with some new energy and talent this year.  We saw two new employees with new ideas and excitement for everything Blooms and flower related.  Change can create some anxiety, but if you stick with it, it can bring about some beautiful designs and interesting concepts.  I am grateful for our customers this 2019 as well because making them happy is what we are here for and our customers keep coming back.  2019 also saw a nice increase in traffic and sales.  This is especially challenging being a small florist in a small town.  I was discussing with one of the designers that I believe their positive energy and true delight and eagerness to interact and help customers is a big reason for our 2019 success.  And the change has kept me on my toes and engaged.  With that I have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving at the Shop and so does the Shop as a whole.  Check out this beautiful design that was created this year for a lucky recipient.  It is a basket cornucopia, with mixed florals and foliage in fall colors.


Be Bold!


I like this Bouquet we designed. Because it features bold colors and has a stem of this & that in unique shapes.  Liatrus for a tall linear flower shares space with larkspur that is tall but has a bit of bunchy to it.  Down in the bouquet a hot pink rose towers above the hydrangea.  Yellow spray roses add a pop of vibrancy to the side of the bouquet offset by a yellow carnation on the other side.  Orange is what really brings the final bold color in varieties of  alstromeria lilies and carnations.  Greens from the hydrangea frame the bottom of the vase and the variegated pit adds just enough white into the bouquet with its tips.  Next time you are considering a bouquet, try mixing lots of bold colors and see what a fun display can be created.  The nice mixture makes it like a party in a vase.  As always visit Your Local Florists because we love to help creating.


Spooky Can Be Booootiful!


Add a little spooky to your floral bouquets to decorate for Halloween.  With so many people decorating for Halloween, it is a great idea to bring in those fresh cut blossoms and create a themed design.  In the design below we selected some flowers that are seasonal for fall in shades of reds and oranges.  They include different sizes and textures such as roses, daisys, mums and berrys.  To add a bit of a Halloween theme to it we simply tied some black netting around a cube vase and secured it with some orange tulle and sheer ribbons.  Then we took some sticks from branches and painted them black to pick in the middle of the bouquet.  It creates a booootiful bouquet with hints of a scary forest scene.  If you wanted to you could add some purple as well.  Perhaps some purple mums or a purple ribbon.  This particular design is nice because it has a mixture of elegance without going over the top with the Halloween theme.  If you want to go over the top you could add some spiders, or cobwebs made of glue.  That would be soooo scary!  As always Your Local Florist can help, so take advantage of their expertise.

Halloween Bouquet