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Memorial Day Plant


Each year we venture out to the local cemeteries this time of the year and pray for good weather!  That is because we fill around 90 Urns each year for customers who are unable to or don’t wish to fill their Loved Ones Urns for “Decoration” Day, otherwise known as Memorial Day to us laymen.  The hardiest of plants to use for cemetery sites is geraniums.  These plants do well in the heat and wind and rain….they can tolerate most weather conditions which is good because these sites are not maintained daily.  In most cases they are maintained weekly or maybe even never after the initial planting.  They may not be the cheapest of the bedding plants but they are worth the additional cost.  A weekly deadheading and watering and you should be good to go!  They especially thrive in full sun.

Mother Nature or Nurture?


Most people would agree that Mom’s are pretty special!..and that is why once a year it is a tradition to celebrate Moms’ by giving them a special day.  Although each Mom has her own individual taste in flowers, it can be agreed that nothing makes people smile like a special delivery of flowers.  Whether it be a bright fresh arrangement, flowering plant, seasonal hanging basket or a basket like the one above in pastels trimmed with butterflies, Mom deserve to be remembered on this day.  If you do not have the resources to send such a special delivery to your mom with a display created by “Mother Nature”, make sure to call the “Mother” who “Nutured” you.

We always work on Mother’s Day for those who need a last minute floral piece to go, but we always make sure to close up early enough so we can spend time with our Mom’s too.

Dance, Dance, Dance


Each year we scurry in the spring in order to be sure to have plenty of fresh bouquets for Dancers at the local recitals.  This year are lucky enough to have been invited to service 2 of the recitals in our town.  It is a great way to interact with people and watch the show.  In an era of big box stores selling pre wrapped flowers it is very important that we can keep our prices affordable and be conveniently located for those who require a gift for a child or adult who has worked hard all year and put on a great performance!

About Bloom’s Albion NY Florist


Bloom’s Flower Shop has been a part of historic Albion’s history since 1935. Located next to the historic courthouse square and downwind from the Erie Canal, Bloom’s participates in and supports many local events and organizations.  Bloom’s does not use standardized designing, but instead, we create each design as an original.

Bloom’s offers many floral designs for all occasions with same day delivery.  Bloom’s carries a nice selection of Greeting Cards, Candy, Balloons, Plush, Silk and, Fresh Arrangements, Wedding Rental and Accessories and Novelty Items.   Bloom’s also provides various cemetery services such as perpetual urn care, silk arrangement placements and holiday wreath services.

Let us at Bloom’s help make your special occasion memorable.

Our business hours are M-F  8:30am to 5:30pm and Sat. 9:00am to 4:00pm