Monthly Archives: July 2012

Heat & Buds


The summer months are very good to outdoor flowers beds and pots, which can thrive in the sun and heat of summer months.  The same can not be said for cut flowers.  Cut flowers once separated from their plant thrive in cool conditions that are in non sunny locations.  If you receive a fresh cut bouquet in the high heat of the summer months, be sure to keep them in a cool spot away from any direct light or heat sources such as windows, tv, stoves, etc.  Also, change the water every few day and this will ensure that your blooms last!

A Personal Reflection


Sympathy Services are a valued service to many who have recently lost someone they love or want to express sympathy to someone who has lost someone.   Grieving is a natural part of loss and many times you want to do something to help ease the grief.   It is especially touching when it is for a member of your family.  You want everything to be perfect and hope to be able to make things a little easier for those you know have lost someone they cherish.  As this is my situation this week..  I hope I can offer some kindness and solace to those whom I love that have lost someone very special to them.  Not only by offering beautiful floral displays, but by sitting with them & sharing found memories, helping with household chores and whatever else is needed.  However you choose to comfort those suffering from a loss, just a note, short visit or simple gift can mean so much and show them they are important and that you care.