Monthly Archives: August 2012

O2 for U?


I have lots of plants at home and find they really warm the spaces they fill and create that feeling that there is always life and growth between the walls of our humble home.  They are easy to tend and if you have 10-15 minutes a week to spare, I would highly recommend bringing some life into your home.  Most houseplants are easy to maintain with a little light and watering.  The majority of plants like a drink once the soil is dry but be sure not to over saturate the soil.  Most basis tropicals do not need to be consistently wet & a light misting once in a while can not hurt either.  Give it a try!  Plants help clean the air of toxins and provide fresh O2 for U!

Hydrangea in Weddings


I really love to use Hydrangea in wedding bouquets.  It can cut the cost of design yet create a large and stunning bouquet.  This is accomplished because if you desire to use more elaborate & expensive flowers the number of stems it would take to build a substantial enough bouquet can become quite pricey.  If you take 2-3 large hydrangea blossoms and them pic in a few of your favorite buds it can create a nice bouquet with texture and size that does not have to break the bank!  Tuck a few in here and there, add some greenery and stem wrap and the design is complete.  


Haven’t Blogged in a couple three weeks…been vacationing with family.  One of the fun spots we went to was Niagara Falls Canada.  If you want to be inspired by flowers then this is a good place to visit.  There is a horticulture school in the area and the landscape is filled with beautiful buds in all shades of colors, shapes and textures.  Some are perennials but many are hand planted and placed each year.  A definite must see for those who love the outdoors and strolling through lush garden landscapes!

Falls Gardens