Monthly Archives: September 2012

Floral Organization 101!


It is getting to be that time of the year when lots of little things are going on and I have spent a portion of this week planning my Fall/Winter checklist.  It is important that we stay on top of thing as far as communicating events and what we have to offer to the public.  Whether be Bosses Day, School Plays or Thanksgiving we like to create little items special to each event….personalized play tags, candy bouquets, and keepsakes.  We surely don’t want miss an opportunity to make people smile and show off our talents!!  We love in store displays to showcase events, Facebook posts and EMail blasts.   We recently started in on Pinterest, but am still trying to get on board with that!  Got my checklist ready so I can stay organized!  Now I am tasked with trying to come up with a new Marketing idea that people would really think was nifty….hmmm

At Last a Vacation!


It has been a bit since I have posted anything…but, I was on a vacation with my husband & it has been nonstop “busyness” since we got back!  No matter how much we Love our jobs, going away is the best way to regroup and see what is out in the world.  We like to take a week each year and travel some place far enough away that we can relax and not worry about being called away to the shop.  This year we were lucky enough to head out on a mini spring break & a fall break, Yeah!.  But when out and about I do like to peak into other shops and stores in different areas of the country to see how they present their merchandise and do displays.  I seen some interesting ideas & if possible will try to work them into our own shop.  Live a little- get out of the box, and good things can blossom anew!