Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween Not Just Candy Anymore!


Did you know that Halloween is fast becoming one the most decorated holidays for people who like to decorate and celebrate for holidays.  What a fun holiday!  Each Halloween we decorate and sit outside to pass out candy for those who dare to approach our steps each year with their costumes on.  “Trick or Treat” – the “Treat” is not just candy anymore, it can be a beautiful floral arrangement with a fun Halloween twist to it.  We love our headless flower bouquet…I think we like it more than anyone because we always just laugh at it every year!  Here is an arrangement in our cooler filled with scarey goodies.  He looks pretty content in our cooler inside this bed of blossoms- don’t you think?

Fall Inspirations In Floral..


Well it is that time of year again when outside we are digging up summer flowering plants and getting ready for that late fall and winter chill.  It can be a little unsettling especially when it comes on the heals of a great summer!  However, inside the flower shop this change in season brings new inspirations with all the contrast in fall color tone; bright, berrys and coopers, & the different textures we use on a daily basis in floral bouquets of petals, wheat, leaves, cattails and other fun plants.  So fear not all you floral lovers, stop in to see and smell the signs of life and blossoming beauty inside the shop when the outdoor variety is fading.  Current fave in blossoms are Red Rovers, Fall Mums, Sunflowers, Berried Branches, Yarrow, and my year round fav- Hydrangeas.  Get inspired!

Balloons Too?!


Each year the Albion High School asks our Shop to create 4 balloon arches for the homecoming Football & Soccer games.  My husband and I head home the night before the big game and began the task of air filling approximately 200 latex balloons and begin assembling them in our Living Room!!  We have to put the dogs in the bedroom because the air compressor and all the balloons make them nervous :).   We don’t only create smiles with Bloom’s but Balloons too – who knew?  The trickiest part is getting them loaded up in our pickup truck for delivery day of – pray no rain or at least high winds.  High winds can turn this into a 3 man job fast.  Go Eagles and good luck this weekend with your events.