Monthly Archives: November 2012

Flowers for Finale!


Four times a year our community will have the honor of seeing our students in “Action” in their dramatic roles & on stage at the school plays and musicals.  They work very hard during the seasons to prepare and their performances are truly magnificent.  Not only do they work hard, but their parents show great dedications by taking their students back and forth to practice and volunteering for tasks that need to be done during the performance.  With such dedication it is no wonder the finale is such a big event and each show we are entrusted to create congratulations presentation bouquets.  They are often times fresh floral wraps with lots of ribbons, bows and color with balloons.  Most recently we have seen much interest in candy bouquets too!!  I really enjoy creating these eye-catching gifts and they sure do make a statement on stage the big finale night.  Our latest will be put on by the middle schoolers and I am sure it will be a big hit.  BRAVA!

Gobble, Gobble


Can not believe it is Thanksgiving again!  Seems we were just ordering outdoor hanging baskets for Mother’s Day.  Boy does time fly.  I am so thankful to have had another year here at the store.  We get to help so many people bring smiles and happiness to those who are celebrating a special day or for those who are lucky to receive flowers, just because.  In addition we are able to assist people who want to express their sympathies to those who have lost someone special.  This time of year it important to be thankful for those we have lost and those we are still lucky enough to still have with us.  Enjoy this year’s feast and as always …. bring the joy of the Holidays with fresh blossoms, they always bring light and smiles to any Holiday gathering.


Holiday Prep- take 12!


Well this will be the 12th time that I am preparing for the Holiday’s here at the flower shop.  Each year we get a preview of what’s to come with Thanksgiving.  Yes, people send Centerpieces or a Fall Bouquet to other people they are thankful for during this November season.  I love fall centerpieces with all the different vibrant colors and textures!  What an unexpected gift for this late Fall Holiday.  Then it is on to Christmas …I have been ordering and trying to determine what the public may like this year;  Fresh Wreaths, Oliver’s Holiday Candies, Winter Plants, and of course Fresh Arrangements & Home Decor.  This is no easy task since all of us in Retail know that the public can be a fickle friend and it can be hard to know what is trending from year to year.  Staff is busy making bows, silk arrangements and beginning the task of bringing up Christmas decorations so our store can be festive for the weeks to come.  A good to do list will always help keep things organized and on task.  Stop in and let us know how you think we are doing.  Happy “Start” to the Holidays!