Monthly Archives: January 2013

Next Up!


Sometimes the time does get away from me and it seems I just posted then I realize it has been about 3 weeks!  The main reason this time of the year is because we have been all into getting prepared for the Next holiday.  Right on the heals of Christmas come Valentine’s Day.  Just coming out the foggy holiday haze, we have to get our check list started and first is deciding what bouquets we want to carry for the upcoming season.  Valentine’s Day brings in alot of men who want the perfect something to give their Sweetie (some women too, but lets be honest most are men!).  I think this year we managed to come up with a nice eclectic array of bouquets from cute funny ones to more elegant and/or trendy ones.  This is our expertise and customers depend on us to help then with their Valentine!  One stop shop most say when they come in because in one stop they can get a bouquet, chocolates, stuffed bear and a beautiful greeting card- and delivery too.  Hopefully this will score them a kiss from their Sweetie 🙂