Monthly Archives: February 2013

Weather- A tricky business


Days like today, snowy..snowy..snowy..snowy, make me think of the Valentine blizzard we have about 6 years ago.  It is tricky when the weather cripples a community.  That year we had a store full of arrangements bagged and ready for delivery, only to awaken to find out schools, offices and various facilities were snowed in and closed.  Oh bouy!  But Valentine’s day must go on. We had calls to hold or reroute deliveries & delivery people had to travel on tricky roads where roads were snow covered and mailboxes illegible for house numbers.  When the day was done the deliveries were done and the delivery people were knee high wet with snow from treaking to peoples doors.  A very challenging day but everyone kept a smile on their faces and a great positive attitude.  Let hope this year’s weather brings sunshine & no winds.  Winds- now that is another story for another day….


Cupid’s Ball 2013


Each year for the Valentine season Cupid’s arrow will strike the heart of many teenagers!  We set up our Corsage and Bout. table so we can help each design be an original of the wearer….First we decide what color will best enhance the attire.  Usually I try to suggest a color that does not exactly match the dress because most likely it will not be an exact match and that often times will clash.  It is better to select a color that is a complimentary color or a shade that may be in the “family” but darker or lighter.  Then we can decide on the wristlet type, either plain or a keepsake beaded/type.  The designers always add a special jewel or playful wire for that added pizzaz!  It is so much fun to help create the corsages with the customer and they really get involved in the process and can be equally proud of the results!