Monthly Archives: March 2013

Bulb in Springtime


Nothing says Happy Spring and Happy Easter than the visual of spring bulbs breaking ground looking for some springtime sunshine and warmth!  The same feeling happens each year inside the shop when the Easter Bulb Garden arrive.  Tomorrow the garden truck will be bringing us fragrant hyacinth, beautiful tulips and mixed bulb garden chocked full of hyacinth, tulips, crocus, daffodils and spring tropicals.  All are displayed in clay pottery and are very springy.  When they arrive we place them in the cooler so they will not open too quickly and will be the perfect maturity for Easter gifts.  During blooming be sure to keep the soil most since most all blooming plants like water when flowering.  Afterwords you can remove the bulbs from the pot once the blossoms and their greens have died off and put them in a dry spot in a brown bag until the fall.  Then pop them in the ground and watch them grow anew next spring!




What a strange word, yet it is the formal word for the most delicate of bulb plants- the Shamrock.  The Shamrock plant is a symbol of Ireland and a version of the Irish word for clover, “little clover”.  In our store we tend to carry green, red and iron cross varieties.  I particularly like the iron cross because the leaves are multi-colored green with a dark purple to black center on the leaves.  When in bloom in March, they bring signs of the spring blossoms to follow!  These little blossoms do not last long so enjoy them while they last.  Here at the store, if we have plants left after the St.Patty’s season, once the greenery fades we trim the plant down at the base and watch it grow anew.  With the proper care and handling this bulb plant can multiply and blossom for years to come.