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Flower “Longevity”


I think it is safe to say that most people realize that fresh flowers do not last forever…but the effects they on have those who receive them can last a lifetime.  Most people asked can remember the last time they received flowers.   You might think I never get flowers being I own a shop! – but  I can remember that the last time my husband sent me flowers was for my anniversary a few years ago, Roses hand delivered and from my shop, (of course).  I remember how happy he was to give them and me to receive them.  Whether flowers are being given for a happy event like a birthday/congratulations/etc. or a not so happy event like a funeral, to receive flowers always makes the recipient feel as though they are being wrapped in blossoms of good will.  So the next time you want to spread smiles around, go to your local florist a get some flowers 🙂



Did you know that a cactus’ spines are the “leaves” that protect the plant.  These spines help the plant from drying out by restricting air flow to the plant so they can survive in very dry conditions & provides shade to the plant.  When the plant produces a flower this flowers stem can becomes a storage unit for water.  Cactus are best known for their ornamental purposes in our region in the Northwest.  It is OK to place these outdoors in warm weather months but they need to come in during cooler months.  They are extremely drought resistant.  Large cactus plants are heavy and you need to be careful of their spines when transporting.  With proper care these plants can grow to be very old.  At the store we have single variety and multiplant types.




This time of the year the lavender is growing like crazy in many yards, but did you know that in Victorian times that lavender as a gift meant, I don’t trust you.  The thinking is because the plant would be used to mask a bad odor!  But others prefer to think it represents renewal with its sweet scent of perfume.  In arrangements here at the store, lavender can be tied in nice little bunches and then dropped inside a vase arrangement in individual bunches or adhered to the bow.  This creates a nice scent and texture for the bouquet and a perfect keepsake for later once it dries.  Give it a try!