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Themed Weddings!


Themed weddings have become very popular lately according to editors at The Society of American Florists.  This sounds like such a fun idea.  You do not even have to travel to a destination anymore because you can create the theme in your own community.  We have seen beach theme weddings that include shells, tikis, cactus, crates and other beach accessories or a woodland wedding with lots of driftwood, moss, old bottles and whatnot.  No matter what you in-vision for your wedding you can create a mood with a few themed decorations.  Your florists can help create themes or even help with ideas on how to create them.  I love this idea because it is unique and can create a memory for those who attend that will last a lifetime!  It is not just about decorating but creating a venue where all items are tied to a theme.



Dish Gardens


Plant or fresh flowers??  Can not decide?  Well you can have both if you get a “Dish Garden” with fresh added.  We often do these for Sender’s who want something that the Recipient can keep for the long-term and still can enjoy some fresh blossoms in the short-term.  Generally a collection of individual tropicals are planted into a container and then trimmed with moss.  To dress these mixed planters up we then can add twigs, specialty picks likes birds/butterfly/etc. , decorative bows or other novelty items.  The fresh flowers are individually picked into water tubes and when they fade the tubes are discarded and the plant remains.  Often times when the plants begin to become too large the individual plants can be separated and then transplanted into individual containers.  This item is perfect for a sympathy, office or anyone with a green thumb.