Monthly Archives: September 2013

Transition to Fall


Each fall brings a large task to the is time to put away summer and bring fall into Bloom’s!  It is a large task to say the least.  The inside of the store is cleaned and all the fall decorations that have been stored have to come upstairs and vignettes created.  Also the new fall items such as novelty picks and containers, Halloween decor, fall wreaths and permanent arrangement are displayed.  In addition to the store interior, it is the time to update our On-line Store at and update our fall selections and move them to the forefront of our website.  The job has finally been completed and our checklist for our other fall events complete; Homecoming, Bosses Day, School Plays and Thanksgiving.  Let the leaf changing begin and our vignettes will change as each event comes to be!



Hand Tied Bouquets


I love love doing hand tied bouquets!  Instead of designing the product in a vase you create your design in your hand.  First select all the blossoms, foliage and sparkly things you want, then just start building it in your hand turning the bouquet every so often to make sure all sides are even and looking pretty.  You can use greens to camouflage the base of your bouquet or ribbon loops if it looks too “stemmy” at the base (like my fancy floral term!).  When selecting flowers I like to choose different textures to get the most interesting design and then add a little bling, butterfly, or other fun thing.