Monthly Archives: October 2013

“Mum” is the word in the fall!


Chrysanthemums, commonly known as mums, are flowering plants native to Asia and northeastern Europe. There are approximately 40 different varieties.  They were originally used in China as a flowering herb.  Current day they are grown and used in our region for decorative purposes.  Beginning in late August they begin to pop up in garden centers for outdoor use in bedding and pots.  They create colorful displays for fall and hardy Mums can be planted and will re flower each year.  Florist also carry pot mums which are meant for display inside homes.  To create large Mums in bedding gardens in the spring pinch them until the middle of summer.  Here at the store we refer to Mums as “Poms”.  We see 3 different varieties; Daisy, Cushion and Buttons.  Different seasons bring different colors.  In the fall we have bronzes, golds, reds and these are perfect for creating our fall arrangements and holiday centerpieces.  And the best part is Mums are inexpensive and last a good long time.


Holiday Bouquets


Each year the decision… use wire service containers and designs or create our own??  This Christmas we are opting for create our own!  Using wire service can be more convenient because you don’t have to be very creative to use designs created by someone else.  In the past we have found our own creations go over very well and can be much less affordable to make.  This way the recipient can receive a well valued arrangement created by designers in their own community.  Some years we have mixed our designs and wire service too.  We have planned ahead and this years Christmas designs have been created and photographed for inclusion in our Holiday offerings.  Getting a good quality photo is always a challenge, but it seems to be very important for those using our website to shop for Holiday Bouquets.  I needed to get just the right direct light from outdoors to capture a picture I felt would look good on our website – many tries and days later its been done.  Hope you will check them out this Holiday…