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What Are You Thankful For?


The one element of our business that I would like to spotlight this year as I reflect about what I am Thankful for here at The Flower Shop is our loyal customers.  We of course are thankful for all our customers, but the ones that stop in and trust us to help them every year with their holiday bouquets, birthday bouquets, and other important florals for the special moments in their lives, big & small.  This year one special person comes to mind…a person who shared stories of their life, made us laugh and always carried a twinkle in the eye I will never forget!  Sadly this person has passed on to share their stories with the Angels and no doubt do a little flirting too.  These are the kinds of connections that we make in life that I am Thankful to be able to make here at the Shop.  Obviously we are thankful for the commerce, or else we would not be able to pay the bills.  But…the friends we make here that touch our hearts can not be bought or measured in money!



Floral Wire Orders – No Thanks!


Sending and receiving wire service orders is a tricky business because each party involved is a part of a transaction that depends on an understanding and honoring of the terms of the wired order.  At the end of our term with wire service, specifically FTD, we will be handling wire out orders directly with the filling florist.  Gone are the days when wire service is for Real Florists.  With the introduction of Order Gatherers (OG), like, Just Flowers, From You Flowers, etc. the customer is lead to believe they are getting a better value than contacting a florist directly.  These OG charge high service fees per order which the purchaser believes includes the cost of delivery.  However, this service charge is kept by the OG and the florist is directed to take the delivery from the price of the Merchandise.  What has become clear to me is that OG’s represent to the customer one thing and then direct the filling florist to do the opposite.  It has been our policy to reject all orders that appear misleading,  but sometimes even we can be mislead.  Below is my formal termination with FTD which I hope can give a clearer explanation to what I am trying to expain-

At this time I am going to stay with my decision to terminate my membership. The offer did have me thinking… but, the way Flowers/From You Flowers is selling flowers has put me in a position where I feel I can not afford to risk losing customers because they feel they have been mislead on what their money is being spent on.

I contacted to place an order and was told by them (XXXX) that the price of the merchandise is solely the bouquet price and that any delivery charges are coming from the service charge.  Under the Customer Service section of in deliveries, it references Service & Shipping Fees together.  I feel it is fraudulent to mislead customers into believing they are getting at $39.99 value of flowers when the filling florist is receiving the order with the instructions to take out $10 for their delivery charge while FTD keeps the $16.99.

For a $39.99 bouquet the customer is paying $56.98 for a $29.99 bouquet delivered, I receive $28.40 (71%), and FTD gets $28.58 (29% + $16.99).

This is not how we do business.  We try hard to make sure each bouquet is to the value expected by the purchaser and that policy has been good to us for the last 78years.  I can not in good conscience support what I feel is dishonest just to make a profit.

I appreciate all your help and consideration.

That was my termination notice.  When you order flowers directly from us or our website, we state on the check out page we may not always have the exact flowers as the bouquet purchased, HOWEVER, if we do need to substitute we always try to get as close to the look and feel of the selected bouquet & always make sure it is the same monetary value as what was purchased.  Most importantly the Bouquet and Delivery prices are listed separately and no one is bamboozled!

My hope is this blog post can help educate fellow florists & flower purchasers so no ever feels they are being taking advantage of in their floral purchases.