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Did you know that Mistletoe is a plant that feeds off another plant??  What I mean is that Mistletoe seeds germinate on branches of trees and then the seeds live independently.  Once the seeds mature the Mistletoe will penetrate its host and feed off the host plant.  Sometimes if the the Mistletoe becomes too invasive it will even kill the plant.   With the widespread practice of Christianity came the belief that a man and women who meet under the Mistletoe should kiss!  There is no clear documentation as to why, but it has become a fun tradition.  Each year we have those customers who regularly come into the store looking for the Mistletoe plant – which it is believed must never touch the ground but be hung after harvest in order to keep its “powers”.   The last few years it has been difficult to find Mistletoe because of southern state droughts, however we persevere again and found a handful of fresh Mistletoe for those lucky enough to get in early before it is sold out.  May we all be lucky enough to catch the power of the Mistletoe this year..HoHoHo


Christmas Upside Down?


After 13 years of changing the window displays in the store it sometimes is a challenge to come up with an idea that is different and can catch attention.  Each holiday and season requires a new window display.  Certain times of the year it can get pretty hot in the front of the store because the sun & the blacktop in the afternoon heats things up.  So we generally do not put fresh product in the front window.  So that leave permanent items, yet we want to incorporate flowers somehow – since we are a flower shop!  This Christmas Season started with an idea of hanging the Christmas Tree upside down in the window- from there it grew into everything upside down.  That is how Christmas became upside down.  Logistically it was tricky trying to do this without alot of the mechanic showing and lets face it, we are florists not architects!  However, I think it turned out fine and it has generated some smiles.  It is a much better window display than the Valentines Day the high winds blew out the front glass panes and blew glass shards all the way to the back of the store…but that is another story for another day.