Monthly Archives: January 2014

Bring in the Sun!


Gosh it seems that this winter has become one of the coldest I can recall in a long time!  Each day brings temps colder than the other, so the last thing on people’s minds is the possibilities of flowers.  Even though the outdoors seems all white with no signs of growth or greenery it still spring and summer inside our Shop.  We have all kinds of green plants and fresh floral blossoms all year long…not just when the outdoor climate permits, thanks to all those growers out there and their nice and toasty greenhouses.  Fresh florals can add a touch of sunshine to anyone’s surroundings even in the deadest of winter.  When people comment on how nice it must be to work in a place of flowers everyday, they must realize that they too can surround themselves with flowers.  So stop into your local flower shop hand pick an arrangement for yourself or someone you care about who might also need a sign of the season to follow.







I resolve this year at the store to really “see” what we are creating and try to think outside the box.  Try new things.  Impose new designs and flower types onto our customers.  Become a bit more trendy since we are the trendiest!  Sometimes it is hard to be an out of the box creator because customers become used to certain design styles.  Need to find a way to peak interest in other types of bouquets – get designers thinking about new bouquet styles too.  Rethink our weekly flower order and mix it up a bit.  We don’t want to become too predictable.  From an operations standpoint it may be time to change that up a bit too.  The industry has changed alot in the last 14 years and we need to change along with it.  Keep posted…