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Family Tributes A Personal Reflection…


This was a recent post I made last week our Social Media Page regarding how Tributes effected me personally, that I would like to share here on our Blog…

My Grandma…beautiful. Today we all will gather to begin our final farewell to Grandma Frannie, till we see each other again. We experience loss at the store often when helping families select just the perfect tributes. I feel so blessed that I could do this for our family and help in the creating of our families tributes. When I placed her spray on her casket this AM, and we were alone together, she looked so beautiful and I was sure to tell her, because if you knew Grandma she always asked “How do I look”, and I always answered honestly beautiful, because she was. Grandma xoxo


I truly believe that all the beautiful floral tributes sent by our family and those others who loved her only added to the beauty of her final send off.  My Grandma made my Mom and Aunts promise there would be no “In Leui” of flowers in her obituary.  I am so glad that she had flowers, because she deserved a send off full of life and beauty.  It was a perfect celebration of her life.


Romance is In the Air!


Tis the season to be Jolly is over and now it is all about the romance.  This week every year harbors the single most busiest day of the year.  – February 14th, named after St. Valentine.  Not much is confirmed about St. Valentine, but he is known for courtly love.  For the last couple week we have been getting all our ducks in row.  Building roses boxed, making bows, creating little store vignettes, and doing anything we can possibly do in advance to prepare for February  14th.  We enlist lots of temp helpers for the day, mostly family and freinds.  Salesmen, Designers and Delivery People are put to the test this day to see efficiently we can all work and come together to make the day “seem” as effortless as possible.  It is a whole lot of work but also alot of fun to see all the Sweeties in here looking for the perfect Valentine gifts and helping is all the fun.  Some displays created are quite eye catching while others are simple yet very sweet.  Here is hoping everyone catches a little love this Valentine’s Day!