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Personalizing Sympathy Tributes


Something people often do not think about when ordering Sympathy Bouquets is that it is nice to create or incorporate into the display personal touches that symbolize the life being remembered.  We often ask family when they sit down for a consultation if they have any fun items that reflect the personality or character of the deceased.  We have added sport items for particular sport teams that people loved or activities such as fishing or racing.  One that sticks in my mind is a lady whose husband used to hide hard candy to eat because he was not suppose to have it.  She had us hide some pieces in the casket spray so she could try to find them.  Even though death can be a sad time it is also an opportunity to create a display that can have people talking and laughing about the life that was lived.  Next time you are ordering Sympathy flowers feel free to be creative and let your Florists help make a Personalized Display.


Easter Lily Plant


…Otherwise known as Lilium Longiflorum is a bulb plant with large trumpeted shaped florets that are very fragrant and face outward.  There is generally several blossoms on a single stalk.  These plants were native of Japan and became very valuable after Pearl Harbor when the Japanese cut off the supply to the US.  It is know cultivated in other regions and is a perfect holiday plant because the bulbs can be forced to grow and blossom for a particular time period.  Here at the store we order our Lilies in approximately 1.5 weeks prior to the holiday.  We hope when they arrive they have a blossom opening and others that will follow shortly after.  This will allow the plant to be blooming in time for Easter.  Each blossom opens in It’s own time and we check them daily to see if any blossoms have opened.  We do this so we can properly remove all the stamens before they start to sprinkle dust on the white blossoms and stain them.  Once the plant dies let the stalk die out and then cut it off and plant it outside or in a pot and it can re-bloom each year.  Happy Easter!