Monthly Archives: May 2014

Memorial Day Post


Each week leading up to Memorial Day is the week me and my husband get our hands full of dirt and bedding plants.  We stare down over 600 bedding plants and know we have a job ahead of us that is not for the weak or faint of heart!  It is a hard job and as we get older each year it does not get any easier.  Bending over crocks, cleaning them out and lifting heavy crocks is no easy tasks.  But we know that each year our customers are depending on us to make sure that their loved ones final resting places are decorated with fresh flowers for “Decoration Day”.  Many of the gravestones also adorn fresh flags set out by veteran groups to denote someone who has passed that served our country.  In our pots we use hardy plants like zonal geraniums, vinca vine and spikes.  These plants hold up well during the summer heat and require less care and water than other bedding plants.  Geraniums like sun so the sunnier the plot the more it will thrive, as long as it receives water occasionally.  We also have a watering service that many customers take advantage of  and we water and deadhead the gravesites weekly.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.


The Key Is Organization


May is by far our busiest month.  We have Mothers Day, Dance Recitals, Memorial Day along with all our normal business.   The key to surviving is preparedness, organization and staying on top of things.  In the month leading up to May we have a punch list to complete that must be completed before the week of Mother’s Day in order to avoid anxiety and errors.  During this week this year we have Mother’s Day and a full recital to service.  Each person has their own duties and I keep a list of items to complete.  It is important not to leave at the end of the day until all completed items are done because the next day will fill up new tasks and days have a way of getting away from you when the phone is ringing, web orders are coming in and customers are walking in that want one on one attention.  We keep bins for upcoming days work and individual tasks so hopefully we will not miss anything.  It is OK to let the bins fill up as long as by the end of the day all bins are completed and we can be ready for a new day.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep when multi-tasking and keep hydrated and feed.  With out enough sleep, fuel and fluid this week will be much trickier to navigate!  This process with help to ensure that all Mom’s receive their Bouquets as requested.