Monthly Archives: June 2014

Local Florists decreasing in numbers..


Some of our older Flower Shops are closing up in the area….first Rogers now Dick Burton. I do not want to speculate on why, I hope it is for good reasons, like the owners have saved enough to relax and retire! It is the end of an era for many of their customers who, like ours, call and trust us to help create floral bouquets for life’s big events. I feel like the little engine that could in this Big Box Store World, we just keep chugg’in along..we may not be Fortune 500, but we come in everyday knowing we are providing a service that brings us and our customers lots of laughs, smiles, and sometimes tears of times remembered – sometimes we laugh together and sometimes we cry together. Heading toward 80 yrs of “Doors Open”, YEAH! No matter who is manning the ship, I hope Bloom’s is here for a long time.


Raising the Bar..


I kept wondering why it seemed this May was such a physically and mentally challenging month. I just closed the books for May and it is clear why..we had our best sales month since I started in January 2001 for phone/walk-in and internet orders. We have slowly gotten out of the receiving of wire service orders so we could really put our resources toward orders by our direct customers. Each year is filled with some slow months, some steady months and some real busy months. Except for the obvious holiday months you can not predict how each month will be categorized. A few years ago we experienced our lowest sales month, it was a January the economy was not good. Hopefully we do not see that again! Not sure why of all months and years it was now that we marked this achievement, but I am so grateful to all our customers and employees who are responsible for keeping the doors open and the lights on. A Big Thank You to everyone! Hopefully we can continue to see good sales and have a good time doing it.

red ribbon