Monthly Archives: July 2014

The “Dumb” Flower


You either find it interesting or you don’t.  A recent customer came into the store and requested “none of those flowers, those are dumb”.  I found that funny because it is not the most beautiful flower but it is interesting and there are many people who stop into the store and select this flower specifically.  It is a deep color and provides linear lines to many of our stylized and/or sympathy designs. What is this flower you may wonder? It is Liatrus. You may often times see these flowers growing outside in people yards in clusters of purple tall blossoms. Their common name is blazing star or gayfeather.  Liatrus is native to North America and is a member of the Aster family. We receive these flowers weekly and they are one of the least expensive flowers we purchase. The florets open from the top down and create a nice deep color and unique texture to floral designs. Another option is to cut them when they are 1/2 half to 3/4 blossomed and then hang them upside down for drying for winter permanent designs. Give this flower a chance, it may surprise you – it also is grown in white too!


Blooming Hanging Baskets


It is the time of year that people start to wonder…what happened to my hanging basket? When they received them late spring early summer they were lush, green and full of blossoms. Well here are some tips if your basket is not too far gone. First give it some fertilizer. I use miracle grow, but you can you whatever brand you find. Fertilize in the evening so the plant does not get burned in the sun. Then keep it well watered. Most varieties of hanging baskets thrive on water. A few do better with a little less, such as geraniums, some begonias. The baskets should have good drainage because you do not want the plant to get root rot. If the plant feels heavy then it is well watered. If the basket get too light and dried out, try one of 2 methods. Either place the plant in a tub of water for bit to rehydrate, or soak it with water and then a half hour later soak it again. Then continue to water regularly as you feel the plant getting light in weight. I find plants love rain water too. So if you see rain coming don’t bring the plant in, let it enjoy some rain. Lastly make sure your plant is receiving the proper amount of sunlight for it particular variety. Most plants like at least partial sun, but some love lots of sun! Sometimes if proper care is not given a plant my stop blossoming, but with proper love and care you may be able to breath new life into it. Good Luck!

Tropical Plants


Do you think you do not have a green thumb?  That you kill all living green plant?  I hear this often from people when they come into the store.  It actually is pretty simple to keep green tropicals thriving in homes.  You just need to be proactive with good light and water.  Most of the typical tropicals we receive in our store require the same care.  1) some indirect light or part sun.  You don’t want to place them in real low light situations, but then again full sun in some conditions can just burn your plant up.  Ideally for our area, I find any area near an East window is good.  That way the plant can enjoy some sun in the earlier part of the day before the sun gets to blazing.  2) proper water.  Water your plants when the begin to feel dry.  Do not water already moist plants because this can cause root rot, molding or gnats in the soil.  Depending on the climate in your home your plants may need watering approximately every 5 days.  If your plant gets too wet, try to dry it out completely before watering again.  Remember, just because your plant feels dry on the top does not mean that it is dry all the way through.  A droopy plant is a good sign your plant is under watered.  Plants love to be misted, so give them a mist every so often and they will be very happy and provide you with lots of good O2.