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Hi I am Herb..


“Hi I am Herb”. That is what we tagged lined our latest bouquet.  I got thinking when I was in my yard that winter is around the corner and I have so many herbs.  What to do?  Well, we created Herb.  I took some mint and parsley from the garden.  In the store we have these new vases that are coated to look like crocks.  It makes the bouquet look like it is still growing in a summer garden.  These herbs will last quite a while in the crock and you can eat them.  This bouquet is functional and is what we termed an edible bouquet.  When the herbs were added to the crock it was all greenery so the designer made it a little more fun by adding a couple daisys and some fun wire.  If you have herbs at home you can do this too and place them around your home to create fun looking bouquets that have great scents of mint to them.

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Having your own Business..


For all my fellow business owners…People who say it must be nice to own your own business because you don’t have to work if you don’t want to, never owned their own business, right? haha. Since they are always very nice people I always nod and say yes, but the truth is when you have to be at your business you are, even if you are going on your 21st straight day in row. But then again.. when it is not so crazy you take the time when you can, however you are always on call and a moments notice away in case your co conspirators need back up, so it is rarely ever a real day off unless you are out of town on your weeks vacation. So you better like what you do!  Like lots of people the “grass sometimes seems greener…”  When you own your own small business you don’t get paid holidays, vacations or medical/retirement benefits paid to you by a company.  As a matter of fact, if you want a vacation or holiday off then you pay someone to cover.  If you have employees there is the added challenge of making sure that they have a salary no matter what the business climate.  No matter your employ, there are always some pluses and minuses.  But hopefully if you do own your own business you able to make peace with the lack of monetary benefits because you able to do what makes you happy and be your own boss!