Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thanksgiving Checklist


When creating your Thanksgiving checklist don’t forget to add the flowers to the checklist along side the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry’s and other items that add flavor and color to your table.  The season is about creating memories and nurturing those warm feelings that are brought about when spending time with family and friends around the table giving thanks for all the blessings life has given.  No Thanksgiving table would be complete without adding the textures and vibrant colors of the fall.  Add to your bounty a garland of fall leaves and mini gourds weaved through out the center of the table.  Make cute little place cards out of mini pumpkins.  Most importantly add a festive floral piece to the center of the table.  The arrangement should be low enough for all to converse over, but yet colorful enough to catch everyone’s eye  and add to the enjoyment.  Florals of the seasons include lilies, gerberas, roses, mums, berries, carnations, solidago in differing shades of golds, bronzes, rusts, oranges, and even touches of aubergine.  Add a little texture with some wheat, cattails, fall leaves, broom-grasses and maybe even a candle or two if you want some holiday glow to the table.  Try it out and see how festive this addition to checklist can make your holiday!  As always..your locals florist can help select the perfect design.


Flowers Nuture..


If you have someone in your life who is sick or grieving a floral arrangement many times can be very nurturing visually and with the scents.  When receiving flowers the recipient mostly feels cared for and thought of.  It also creates a feeling of satisfaction for the sender who many times does not know how to express their sentiments toward the recipient.  Soft colored arrangements that are pastel shades of soft yellow, peaches, warm pinks, soft greens and ivory help create those warm safe feeling people need when they are ill or grieving.  It is like flower therapy and your local florist can help create just the right mood for your loved one in need of a loving embrace.