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New Years Resolution for 2015


This year I resolve to keep focused on Blooms!  It is only human nature to wonder what “The Other Guys” are doing.  Personally I think it is only smart to have an awareness of the what the competition is doing but not dwell or obsess on it.  There are times throughout the year ( like when it slow ) that it is easy to put your mind to what the competition is doing.  It is much better to use that energy to focus on your own business.  I resolve to stay solely focused on what Blooms Flower Shop is doing.  We will continue to stay knowledgeable, positive and welcoming toward all who enter our doors.  In addition, it is important to stay on top of new trends and ways to make doing business with our shop easy for patrons.  Things like being open 6 days a week, answering our phones and keeping our on-line store available 24/7.  Keeping the store clean is another thing I believe in.  I was once told that is a better to have a dirty store and be busy.  Well I know it is possible to do both at the same time.  Here is to 2015 and I hope everyone can stay focused on their goals and keep moving forward!


We are bloomsflowershop.NET


We are coming into a season where our Website starts receiving alot of orders. Many customers like the convenience of looking to our site and placing an order because they trust us. This is a good thing. This is why I want to take this time to once again remind everyone who wishes to use our site that our site is bloomsflowershop.NET. If you Google florists in Albion be sure you are on our site when you order. Our site clearly has our logo and address on the home page. We are not BloomsToday, BloomsUSA or a .com. This can be confusing because there are always order gatherers out there posing to be someone they are not and then pass substantial hidden service charges onto the customers when they order which they take from the price of the Bouquet. We do have customers call us and say they are looking at our site or ordered with us when unfortunately the order was not placed with us, but a site that “seemed” it could be use. If in doubt always feel free to call us or stop in, because we love to talk one on one with our customers too! Happy holidays and Happy Shopping www.bloomsflowershop.NET


Poinsettia Perfection


There is no more traditional Christmas plant than the Holiday Poinsettia.  When selecting your poinsettia, 1. Pick a plant with small, tightly clustered buds in the center, 2. Look for crisp, bright, undamaged foliage, 3. Avoid plants displayed in drafty or crowded areas.  To keep the plant blooming, When surface soil is dry to the touch, water thoroughly. Discard excess water in the saucer. To prolong color, keep a temperature range of 60 degrees for night and 72 degrees for day. High humidity is preferable. Place plant away from hot or cold drafts, and protect from cold winds.  Poinsettias can be found almost anywhere now a days.  So at our store to upgrade them so they stand out from the ordinary, we add our own florist foil, rather than prefab foil sleeves.  We then always add a bow and some pine-cones.  For an extra special touch added upgrades such as baskets, shinny balls, evergreens and or holiday decorative pics can be added.  Dress these plants up so they can sparkle like the season, add a little glitter spray.