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Cupid is Upon Us…


In in a couple of weeks we will be deep under the spell of Cupid’s Arrow.  All the planning and prep work will be appreciated by all of us and our customers.  Valentine’s Day comes but once a year and it is an occasion in which Sweethearts around the world celebrate their love for one another with romantic gestures of love.  Valentine’s Day is the biggest yearly celebration of love.  At our store we make it easy to create a simple gesture or a grand gesture.  Leading up to the “day” the cooler is full of bouquets we create ourselves and of course lot and lots of Roses.  If you like to make grand gestures it is simple to select of fun oversized Valentine balloon, or cuddly teddy bear.  And for all those who enjoy sweet treats there is a nice selection of Oliver’s Chocolate Candies on the candy carts in shapes of hearts and boxes.  The card corner offers a pastel selection of Valentine cards and a special selection of our most favorite messages that senders are most welcome to use!  So whatever you envision to send your sweetie for Valentines Day, stop in and we can help.  It is always best to beat the crazy rush by planning a day or two in advance, but if you are like alot of Valentine shoppers we always try to accommodate those last minute packages too.  xoxo


Birth Month Flowers


I was checking out an article on-line and found that each month has a “birth flower”.  And what that birth flower says about you is interesting..see these fun ideas below.

January The carnation is one of January’s flowers. The color of the carnation is said to determine the meaning of the individual carnation flower. White carnations are associated with purity, love, and luck. Pink carnations are a symbol of femininity and motherly love.

February The iris represents enduring faith and wisdom. Another flower associated with February is the violet. Violets are popular, partly due to their heart-shaped petals. 

March Daffodils are an ideal birth flower due to their association with beginnings. In some cultures, Daffodil symbolizes rebirth. What a perfect flower to usher in spring.

April The daisy, more than any other flower, is associated with childhood and innocence.

May Lilies represent virtue and sweetness.

June The ever-popular rose is the birth month flower for June, which is the same month as National Rose Month. The colors of the rose lends to its meanings. Pink roses represent admiration and appreciation. Red roses symbolize passionate love. White is for purity, and yellow roses are for friendship.

July Delphinium is associated with boldness. Its blue color is perfect for Fourth of July celebrations.

August The beautiful gladiola symbolizes infatuation. The additional meanings of strength and integrity are also associated with Gladiolus. This bold flower derives its name from the Latin word for “sword.”

September Strength of body, mind, and spirit are linked to the aster. Some cultures have used the aster to recognize a fallen soldier’s bravery.

October Marigolds symbolize affection.

November Chrysanthemums mean sun and happiness. Upon blooming, the petals unfold in an orderly fashion, leading some cultures to associate the flower with perfection.

December A plant associated with December, as well as with winter in general, is the poinsettia. The poinsettia symbolizes cheer and joy.