Monthly Archives: March 2015

Bring Spring In..


Even if spring is slow to find it’s way outdoors this year, you can speed it up by bringing it indoors.  This time of the year we are feeling a “spring” in our step because it means the bulb plants are on their way.  Earlier this month we have been bringing in cut tulips, iris and daffodils.  However by the end of this week the potted bulbs will be arriving.  The majority of our bulbs come potted in nice terracotta pots and those that are not we foil up in shinny spring paper or put in wicker baskets.  Popular bulb plants this time of year are crocus, iris, tulips, hyacinth and of course, the Easter Lily.  Bulb plants should be kept watered so the blossoms can grow and bloom.  If you wish to make your bulb open fast then place it in a warmer place with lots of sunshine.  If you prefer to enjoy the blooms longer then place them in a cooler spot away from direct sunlight.  Bulb blossoms are not as long lasting as many other types of blossom, but when they are in full bloom are gorgeous.  The great thing about bulb flowers is they are cheery on their own and don’t need filler or greenery to make them look good.


Bells of Ireland, Lucky


The rustic green Molucella has a long stem lined with clusters of bell-shaped blooms. Also known as Bells of Ireland, this gorgeous green flower contains an average of 15-25 blooms. Bells of Ireland is the perfect green flower for adding height to sympathy bouquets, wedding bouquets, table centerpieces or flower arrangements.  You may think that the name of this green originated because it is an Iris bloom, but actually this flower is not native to Ireland.  It is native to Turkey and Syria.  It is most likely called Bells of Ireland because it’s tiny white blossoms are surrounding by green bell shaped calyces.  Other counties call this green different names such as Canterbury Bells.  The luck of the Irish can be associated with this fun greenery.  Victorian superstitions claim this flowers to bring good luck to the beholder.  So this St. Patrick’s Day give some Bells of Ireland to someone who may need a little “Luck O’ The Irish”!molucella