Monthly Archives: April 2015

Potted Hyacinth


Hyacinth are a Native bulb plant from the Mediterranean.  Each plant creates approximately 4-6 linear leaves from which grows the most fragrant blossoms.  These blossoms can be white, pink, lavender, yellow, red, orange.  I love the Hyacinth plant because it is a symbol of springtime and smells wonderful.  One plant can fill a whole studio apartment with sweet smells.  When we receive the plant into the store the blossom is typically just starting to grow from the leaves.  I like to leave them out for a few days until they start to grown tall enough and the florets begin to open so we can see what color they will be.  At that time we place them in the cooler to slow down the growth of the blossom.  Like other bulb plants they will grown quickly once exposed to the heat.  Another trait of this potted plant is that the blossoms become very heavy as they grow.  As the blossoms began to droop, we stake them up so they will stand tall.  Once the plant has fully blossomed it will last only a few days until it starts to fade.  But the good thing is you can take the bulb out to your garden and plant it, you can enjoy it for years to come as it will regrow each year in the spring and most likely multiply.


Be a Flower..


So it is time to create a Blog post and sometimes it can be hard to come up with a subject.  So I looked on the internet and read an article about living like a flower…  It peaked my interest so I read on.  It made sense.  If you live like a flower you may want to live colorfully, soak up the sun, even grow roots.  Some people need to open up. While others may pollinate and grow buds.  How fun.  This concept is built on the idea that if we let flowers inspire us and mirror it’s image, that or lives can be as beautiful as that of a flower’s.  Show the world that you have value and are unique.  There is value in both the sunny and the rainy days.  It is important to give back to society by developing roots in your community and nurturing those relationships!  So next time life is bringing you down think like a flower and find inspirations in it uniqueness to nature and bring joy and smiles to others.