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Customers Celebrating Life with Flowers..


When you work in a flower shop everyone always comes in and says how much fun it must be, and most of the time it is. However, when you are dealing with flowers for a death it can be a sad interaction because you are helping people who are grieving a loss. We have a very thoughtful customer who always puts her heart into every tribute. For us it feels like her floral pieces are for a celebration of a life. She always calls or stops in with a “thought” or “vision” of a piece that would represent a person’s life along with a personal message that she writes herself. She is the nicest person and we always have a lot of laughs trying to work out the logistics. Her pieces are always a challenge and meaningful, and I love that!  Fran and I put our heads together to create this piece today that celebrated the life of a man our customer felt was a true gentleman.  A top hat & cane arrangement along with her beautiful poem!


Cinco De Mayo


So today is Cinco De Mayo, the day which Mexican’s celebrate the pride they have for their victory over a battle they faced with France in 1862 and won. It got me thinking about the colors of Cinco De Mayo and all the festive colors seen in the celebration. My family, although we are not Mexican, will still travel to the next town over to a popular Mexican Cantina to become part of the celebration. If I was to build a floral piece for this occasion it would surely have hot pinks, bright oranges, lime greens, cobolt blues, and purples. These are fun colors and lead one to feel the real nature of the celebration. Generally the display would be lots of round flowers together like a tussy-mussy. Maybe Gerberas, Peony, Poms, Fuji Mums, Wild Roses. How fun to create a display for work or your table at home to help celebrate the day! Give it a try, collect some flowers, bundle them together in tight little bouquet in your hand and plop them in a vase- so easy!