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Creative Table Pieces


I have a Bride who came to me with the idea of creating a reception filled with color and lots of containers.  I am going to share because I think it is a great idea.  First- all you need to do is start going to garage sales, thrift shops, etc. and start collecting different shape and size glass bottles, containers and vases.  Not large containers, more on the side of single stem or small size containers.  Each container will be filled with either a single stem type flower and or even a bunch of babys breath.  On the tables, line the filled bottles down the center of the table allowing differing heights and colors to be placed next to each other.  The look that is created is very “Boho Sheek”.  You can go either very colorful or pick a more pastel theme.  The price of this can be very inexpensive since the containers are purchased second hand it only takes a stem or two to fill each container.  This can be done with all kinds of container, not only glass.  Next time you are having a party give it try, it is alot of fun to play around with.




Dahlias are a bushy, tuberous flowering plant native to Mexico and declared it’s National Flower in 1963.  It’s relatives are Sunflowers, Daisy, Mums and Zinnias.  The plant stems have large leafs and the plant can grow as tall as 6-8ft tall.  They are typically brightly colored.  Common shades are yellows, reds, oranges, fuchsia.  These bright colors promote pollination, as the plant does not have any scent.  Dahlias large showy blossoms and sturdy stems make them perfect for vase arrangements.  They will create quite an impact with their large bright blossoms.  Dahlia blossoms come in varying shapes.  They can be cushiony, spiky, variegated, solid colored, large and/or really large! Dahlias vase life is shorter than other cut flowers.  But with proper care, cool water and good trimming of the stem before arrangement, it is possible to make them last approximately 5 days.  Grow them in your garden or stop by your local florists and give these showy flowers a try!


Summer Tips!


With summer upon us I thought it would be a great time to address the best tips to help your flowers to last longer.  Firstly, if you are receiving flowers loose wrapped, it is best to always re-trim the stems before placing them in water.  If the stems are not re-trimmed they will not drink water properly.  Keep them in cool water.  Only place your flowers in warm water if you want them to open quicker, for example if you have flowers that are just budding then put them in warm water and they will open quicker.  Secondly, keep your flowers in a cool spot, away from the sun or heat sources.  This will only shorten the life of the bouquet.  Depending on the outdoor conditions hot summer days will effect the longevity of the bouquet if your home is hot.  Try not to place your bouquets on ovens, sunny windows, tv’s or other heat sources.  Thirdly, keep fresh water in your containers.  That stinky, murky water will only shorten the enjoyment of your flowers.  If your bouquet is in a vase then re-trim the stems when placing them in fresh water.  Lastly- I always say to sit back and enjoy your Floral Bouquet!