Monthly Archives: July 2015

Mother Nature has turned the heat up!


WOW, a few months back I thought that the snow would never stop and now the heat is on.  If you think that you are wilting, try being a flower in this heat.  Although your blossoms like the sunshine to grow big and strong, cut flowers do not thrive in the blazing sun and high temperatures.  Some are more tolerant than others, some will wilt quickly – like hydrangeas.  When you are enjoying cut flowers in the extreme heat of the summer, find the coolest place in your home to display them, away from direct sunshine.  Like people, keeping cool water for them to drink will make your blossoms very happy, feel free to even add an ice cube or two.  Change the water often as high temperatures plus stems can make bacteria grown in your water.  By keeping your cut flowers cool and in clean water you can greatly increase the longevity of your blossom!


Flowers Take You Places


Someone once told me that Music can take you to so many different places, isn’t that so true.  Sometimes you hear a song and it brings your mind back in time and creates an old emotion.  The same can be true for floral designs.  When I see a simple arrangement of Carnations, Daisys, Baby Breath and Baker Fern I think of my childhood.  Many centerpieces were created with those primary flowers back 30-40 years ago.  Customers often come in and request Gladiolus and Lilies for sympathy flowers because that was very traditional choice for previous generations.  Some customers even ask not to use these for everyday bouquets because they feel they are “sad” flowers.  When you see bright colored flowers like Birds of Paradise, Ginger, Orchids, Protea you may recall a trip you took someplace tropical and this makes you feel happy.  If you select certain flowers for your wedding, you will most likely think of that day when you see that combination in the future.  It may be interesting next time you purchase a bouquet for someone special to try to tie the flower selection to a special time that you shared together and take their mind back in time!