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Feels like fall this week, Ho-Hum. I vow to TRY and embrace the looming cool/damp/frigid weather. Blooms’ is a daily escape to buckets of fresh blossoms & tropical greenery, regardless. Pretty soon the blossoms will be warm tones of golden yellows, plums, bronzes, burgandys, rusts….a harvest of bright colors! What is not to like about that!  Go out and get yourself a market basket or rustic brown container and fill it with Dahlias, Liatrus, Solidago, Sunflowers, twigs, Mums, Lavender and any other end of summer flowers.  Sometimes I will even pick some tree branches or flowering berry bushes to add some texture to the bouquet.  You can place it on an outdoor patio or inside, whichever place you want to spruce up with a little bit of end of summer colors.


Planted and All Dressed up!


Plants add instant life and Oxygen to their surroundings.  In addition to their physical benefits, plants in a space can create a visual calmness.  There are many varieties of house plants and the greenery of such plants remind us of life and the inherent growth that each day brings.  Back in the beginning of my time here at the Shop we used to receive plants in and then place them on the showroom floor in their plastic containers or maybe in foil.  Years ago we decided we needed to separate ourselves from the average marketer and create a display with each plant, like we would for our cooler designs.  Upon each shipment of table top or floor plants we select a container for each plant, a bow, add some moss and maybe even a silk colorful bud.  Sometimes we even accent with birds, butterflys, twigs or other fun items.   Because there are so many varieties we tag each display with the name of the plant variety.  Now the plants are ready for sale and immediate enjoyment by the recipient.  There is no need for them to shop for a container and get dirt under their nails.  You can just keep them watered, give then light and enjoy their green foliage!

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