Monthly Archives: October 2015

Sharing a Halloween Idea


More often than ever people are decorating for Halloween like it is Christmas!  I think the holiday helps people transition from what was most likely a sun and fun filled summer to what can be a long cold winter.  Flowers can be a fun part of that trend.  Look to most florist websites and you will see a section dedicated to the creation of fun floral ideas for Halloween.  I wanted to share this neat pic I saw when browsing on About Flowers.  You can take a round oasis floral foam ball and cut a flat bottom.  Then take lots of seasonal colored carnations and create a pumpkin head.  Add some facial features, googly eyes and a bow and wha-la, you have a fun Halloween Pumkin head. Because I like music this guy appealed to me, wonder if he (or she) is listening to Halloween tunes?


Sending Cheer to Hospitals


What do you send to someone who is in the hospital.  Well that may very well depend on why they are in the hospital.  If someone has had a baby, a good choice is an appropriate bouquet in a little keepsake container (pink, yellow, blues, whites) and a fun mylar to congratulate the new parents!  For someone who has had an accident, an arrangement mixed with nice bright colors of yellows, greens, blues, red, hot pinks is sure to lift anyone’s spirits each time they look at it.  If the recipient is very ill, even terminal, an arrangement with more calming colors of pastels may be more appropriate.  A few tips to be sure that your bouquet is well received, smaller designs can be easier to manage and find room for.  Hospitals rooms are often times very small and if space is an issue smaller bouquets will be easier enjoyed, especially if there are several.  Then when it comes times to take them home, they are easier to transport.  If you have a container that would not travel well on it’s own, a vase box is always helpful.  If your friend is sensitive to smells be aware of this and request a bouquet with less fragrant flowers.  Sometimes ICU will not allow fresh bouquets for this very reason, so a silk bouquet or planter will be a perfect choice.  Whatever you choose, the recipient of such kindness will find comfort in knowing that others are thinking of them and wishing them well.