Monthly Archives: December 2015

New Beginnings.


Two more days left in year 2015 and then it is time to set our sights on 2016!  Reflecting on a few challenges overcome at Bloom’s in 2015– We survived Valentines Day, which was on a Saturday and a Snow Storm.  Not good, but we maintained sales and only had 1 casualty- a missing Winnie Pooh balloon, which is still MIA.  On Easter it was 32 degrees and most people did not feel very “Eastery”, but we maintained sales and enjoyed springtime in the store even though it seemed liked Winter outside.  Our craziest months of April/May had challenges related to personal employee family illness and staff out for surgery which create staffing challenges, but we pulled together and maintained sales and closed the doors for our long Memorial Day Weekend knowing we did our best with no complaints!  July brought us a great family wedding at the George Eastman House and Strathallan Inn, 90 degrees out, but we made it work out!  December we had another staff surgery  and it  was 50+ degrees.  Thankfully people were still in the holiday spirit and we managed to sell everything and had no casualties!   Thankfully we are a great team and our customers are loyal.  No matter what 2016 brings I am sure we will rise to challenges faced and with smiles on our faces, even if they are smiles through tears!.  Because as my favorite saying proved this year….

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…except for Bears…Bears will kill you!!

I hope everyone does something special to celebrate 2015 and start creating fun memories for 2016.




Poinsettia Toxicity Myth


The Poinsettia is the most widely tested plant on the market today, according to About Flowers.  The leaves and stems have been tested and proven to be non-toxic.  According to POISINDEX a child would have to eat 500-600 poinsettia leaves in order to get sick from a Poinsettia Plant.  Out of 22,793 reported Poinsettia exposures there was no toxicity significance reported according to the American Association of Poison Control.   Like any non-food product it is best to keep plants out of reach of young children, because although the product is not toxic it can create varying degrees of discomfort if large amounts are ingested.  It can irritate the mouth and tummy’s of pets if they were to eat an entire plant but it is not likely deadly.  So go ahead and decorate with Poinsettias just display them perhaps on a table top rather than the floor if you have small children or pets that may desire to taste a sample.


Holiday Greens


Holiday Greens are outdoor evergreens that are commonly used during the month of December to create floral displays.  Each November we put in an order with our supplier for fresh holiday greens.  When the arrive we keep then in the cooler so they stay fresh. When creating an interesting holiday display use a mixture to create different textures and shades of greens in your bouquet or wreath.  We typically use White Pine, Firs, Boxwood, Cedar, Blue Juniper and of course, Holly Berry.  When working with your greens for your bouquets strip off the bottom greenery in order to create a clean container of greens and stability.  You can add other items to your greenery like pods, branches, and other outdoor winter foliage.   Working with holiday greens is a bit messier and time consuming than flat fern or other greenery.  Be sure keep a bar of soap handy to help get rid of all that stickiness.  Have fun, think outside of the box!