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I look outside and I see snow, so what comes to my mind?  Yep you guessed it Tulips.  I love tulips.  In the springtime when I look out my kitchen window I can see tulips peaking out of the dirt and before you know it they are blossoming bright colors of yellow, red, and purple in my garden.  Tulips are a bulbous plant in the lily family.  They are a perennial, which means they will come up every year.  They can grow anywhere from 4″ to 28″ tall.  Most tulips varieties product only 1 blossom per stem and the stems have only a few leaves.  Tulips thrive in regions where the regions have a few cooler months so the bulb can go dormant and re-energize to process a new blossom.  When using tulips in bouquets they have very flexible stems.  They are perfect for arrangements where the stems can drape downward around the side of the vase.  If you wish to keep the stems more stable, create a little crook out of a straight florist wire for the blossom head to set on and then wire the stem the rest of the way down.  Tulips are not a very long lasting flower because they are bulb plants which tend to have a shorter bouquet life, generally 3 to 7 days.  Unless they are for an event, I would recommend purchasing tulips that are not all the way open and not showing a lot color, that way you can watch them open.  Another fun fact is that a cut tulip stem will continue to grow even in the bouquet, which is unusual for a cut flower.




Anonymous Orders


Sometimes we have customers wishing to send flowers anonymously.  For whatever reason they feel either the recipient  will feel special or think it is funny, and maybe they will.  Sometimes a sender will say don’t put my name on the card, they will know who it is from.  In our experience both circumstances have lead to distress and confusions in certain situations.  Some recipients have been known to call us very upset feeling that they are being stalked or teased in an unsafe way.  We have had recipients who are concerned because they have restraining orders against a person or receiving flowers from a suspicious person.  This puts everyone in a tense and unsure situation.  As a Flower Shop you want receiving flowers to be an uplifting experience not a stressful one.  Because of all these reasons we try not to get in the middle of such situations.  For this reason we always advise senders that if they choose to have a “No Signature Requested” card message, we will disclose the sender if the recipient calls us.  Most people will then just sign their name to the card, which is best for everyone.  If you choose not to disclose that you are the sender of a gift, be sure you know the receiver will not be caused any undue distress; or what is the point of doing something nice for them?  …just be sure.