Monthly Archives: February 2016

Aloe- Its Cool


Holistic healing is very popular and the Aloe plant is among the most popular healing plants.  Aloe are stemless plants that grow wild in tropical climates.   They can grow 2-3Ft tall with green fleshy leaves that can have tiny teeth on them. These plants are popular kitchen plants.  They are easy to grow and are handy for those kitchen burns or sun burns.  Just break off a leave anywhere and use the gel topically. As a succulent, Aloe Vera plants love direct sunlight, warm temperatures and very little water.  When root-bound, plants can be divided into different pots and shared.  I have one at home that I keep in a west window and I can not tell you how many times I have split that plant.  I just water it shallow once a week.  You can plant them in all sorts of pretty decorated pots.  I like just plain clay and then dress the top of the soil with a little sand or stone.




Proper Rose Care


It seems like this would be the perfect time to address how to care for Roses.  If you receive Roses that are not already arranged then you will need to first get a cool vase of water and mix in some flower preservative food.  Then cut off 1″ from the bottom of the stem and remove the large leafy foliage on the lower portion of the stem.  Keep foliage out of the water so bacteria does not develop. When trimming the Roses try to get them in the vase quickly because air bubbles that may lodge in the stem can prohibit water to the flower.  Once you have done this keep your Roses in a cool place and away from sunlight.  This will help with keeping the Rose last for up to a couple weeks with proper care.  Every 3-4 days replace the vase with fresh water and retrim.  If your Roses are delivered already in a vase then just refresh and retrim every 3-4 days.  Most importantly enjoy your Roses and watch them bloom.