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Calla not a Lily..


The Calla Lily is not actually a lily.  The term Calla is Greek for beautiful.  The Calla lily is a perennial bulb  and a flowering genus of twenty-eight species originating in Africa and growing mostly in marshy areas.  Calla lilies grow from bulbous tuber roots.  These roots are shaped like fingers.  The leaves are thick like arrow heads and the plants can grow 1-3 feet.  There roots are poisonous and the lily blooms in late springtime.  Some countries have neutralized the plant claiming it is a pest plant. Callas are very popular for wedding flowers as they represent magnificence and beauty.  These blossoms can be very pricey depending on the color and size.  They are available in many colors.  Most popular are white, purple, yellow, orange, pink.  A most popular design for callas is just callas on their own.  The blossoms are large enough to make a statement all on their own.  Tied with a simple satin bow they make a perfect wedding bouquet.  Designed with other flowers in a container they can make a simple yet elegant design.



Irish Blessings that Blossoms


We can turn any reason or event into a reason to create a flower bouquet.  And, St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.  On St. Patrick’s Day most people think green.  So what flowers can create fun bouquets that includes some green flowers.  Any white flower can be tipped green with paint made special for flowers.  Generally I do not spray just any flowers with paint because all flowers do not respond well to spraying- they look tacky.  When coloring flowers I tend to spray light shades and dip darker shades.  It looks a bit more natural.  Some common flowers to spray for St. Patrick’s Day are Carnations, Fuji Mums, Babys Breath.  There are however other green flowers that do not need to be sprayed because they are already tinted green.  Some varieties of Gerberas, Roses, Carnations, Hydrangea, Hypericum Berry, Kermit Poms and Bells of Ireland.  Find a fun container start with greenery, mixed kinds because it adds texture.  Then add a variety of Green flowers, maybe some white or yellow and top it off with some St. Patty pics or party favors.  Now you have created a Blossoming Irish Blessing that will make some Lucky person feel special!

Going to the show..


We had the opportunity to be a vendor at a local Wedding Show.  We actually have not participated in one in several years so I thought why not,  it will be a great opportunity to meet some Brides and the community and show them what we can do here at Blooms, Albion.  In the past we tried to show different designs that may be seen at different types of Weddings.  This year we decided to try a theme instead.  By doing this we were able to show the community our creativity while also showing some designs that may be required for a wedding.  Our theme- Casino Shek.  The reason we choose this was because the host was a Gaming Facility and it was alot of fun creating designs.  We created different styles of table pieces, elegant bouquet, fun bouquet and some creative boutonnieres and corsages.  We choose red/black and white as theme colors and used accent pieces like dice, playing cards, chips, fake money and similar items in the designs.  People commented on how clever it was and it seemed to stand out and be a cohesive table display.  Theme weddings can be fun.  If you are considering a theme try maybe, tropical garden; rustic; boho; or whatever intrigues you.  I even had a bridal party ask me if we could do something around fishing.  The ideas are endless.