Monthly Archives: April 2016

On-line Shop


When I first purchased the store in 2001/January, few if any florists had their own websites.  This was a staple of the big wire services.  As the years passed more and more shops realized that they needed to have their own sites specific to their shop.  These on-line stores gave customers location information, security information, background, ordering capability and much more.  By 2004 we joined the on-line market with a site developed for us by wire service.  After a couple of years we heard that some wire services were allegedly poaching orders from their florist sites so they could claim them as orders received by them directly and pass them onto other florists.  This allowed them to collect a 27% commission for gathering the order.  Was this true?  I never knew for sure- so we started the process of creating our own independent site.  In 2007 we had our own site and by 2013 we had our own mobile version.  Having your own site that you can manage is crucial.  I like to add my own banners and background colors as well as upload our Store features that we create solely for our store for the holidays.  Your site needs to be user friendly so customers can navigate the pages easily.  Throughout the years we have enhanced our site by adding Testimonials, links to other social media associated with our shop and like/share buttons.  Trying to stay on trend for our small shop has been tricky at best because we are not computer experts but florists.  It has always been a priority to keep our on-line store tidy and current like we do our brick and mortar shop.  I think we do a pretty good job and hope the consumers enjoy “surfing” our pages!



Bountiful Blooming Basket


Each holiday we try to come up with designs that are unique to our store.  The idea started several years ago when customers were telling us that they preferred many of our designs over wire service and they were more affordable.  Throughout the year I try to keep an eye out for containers that we can use for holidays that are unique.  Many times I can find them on sale, so I plan ahead and start stock piling.  This allows us to put more value in the flowers than the container, because let face it, sometimes containers can be pricey and people want some value in flowers or they would not be coming to a florist for a gift.  This year we had one container we were not sure how to fill so I thought about a basket of all different flowering plants.  However, I was not sure if many customers would be interested in that because customers do tend to purchase cut flowers at our shop. So I decided to try a combo design this year.  The container will feature a live green tropical plant/a colorful flowering plant/ and a fresh arrangement.  This gift will leave the recipient with two keepsake plants long after the blossoms of the cut arrangement fade.  They can either plant them separately in containers of their choice or plant them in the container provided.  The container provided has plenty of room for the plants to grow and flourish and is beautiful.  Time will tell if this is an option for future designs depending on how the purchasers respond to this option.  We feel it is a great choice, as it is colorful and has a lasting quality to it!