Monthly Archives: May 2016


Certain Seasons bring out the best varieties of flowers locally.  In May here in our region we are blessed to have the Lilacs blossoming in the bushes and trees.  These blossoms have the sweetest smell and whenever possible I find some, pick them and fill my house with the sweet smell.  The Lilac is a member of the Olive family, I never would have guessed that.  Lilacs can be found in hues of pinks, white and purple/lavender.  Lilacs are not a long lasting cut flowers, but to get the most life out of them be sure to cut them in the early morning or late evening, because the heat can make them wilt.  Use a sharp knife or scissors and them place them in warm water with some flower food.  Like with any cut flowers, keep them away from direct sunlight and freshen the water every 2-3 days.  If you are not fortunate enough to have access to a Lilac bush call on your local florist to order some in for you!


Memorial Day Prep


Each year during Mother’s Day week we are busy preparing for Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is quite a fete for us at the flower shop.  Each year we have approximately 90 Urns that we clean out and plant for Decoration Day which is Memorial Day Weekend.  This day customers depend on us to have memorialized their loved ones gravesites with bedding plants that decorate the graves of those that have passed on.  First we have a homemade mixture of vermiculite, dirt, and peat moss to plant our plants in.  We use geraniums, vinca vines and spike.  The placement is important because the geraniums grow in a certain direction and we are sure to place them all facing outward staggering the vines in between, with the spike in the middle. These plants are traditional bedding plants are are hardy for the conditions of cemeteries where the plants may not be watered more than once a week.  This particular process is hefty work, we handle many large heavy pots and need to break up old root balls that are in the old pots.  Luckily for me my husband helps me  with the bull work.  We pray for good weather for planting and it takes approximately 1 1/2 weeks to get them all done.  How pretty the cemeteries look for memorial day and what a nice way to honor those who have paved the way before us.