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Buds at the BBQ


Are you having or attending a back yard BBQ?  Consider bringing the Buds, as in flower buds.  Add some more color to help create a fun atmosphere for the party.  Some good flowers that create a fun mood for a BBQ are daisys, marigolds, lilies, asters, sunflowers and other hardy colors.  They can be arranged in mason jars, or bottles, tin cans or any other variety of mixed containers that keeps things informal.  Sometimes I may take some greens from nearby bushed or shrubbery to add more textures. Another suggestion to add pops of color is to place just a few buds around the platter of food.  Hollow out some fresh fruit and fill them colorful buds or buds that might mimic the actual fruit.  Bloom- appetit!



34 Years Ago Fran walked into Bloom’s and became apart of The Shop’s history. Tomorrow she will retire. Although her hours have decreased over the years to 1 day a week, her value here never decreased. Her and I spent every Tuesday together for the last 16 years and I have learned a lot from her about being a floral designer. Fran is a skilled bow maker and has talent for wispy feminine design.  Her color coordination and selection has always been spot on.  By watching her I found I prefer an all around design with an airy feel when I design.  She was a good resource for flower/plant questions when I first started out.  Like with family, because that is what co-workers are like in a small shop, we would chat it up about current events like reality tv, haha ,weekly. I will miss her and wish her best! Tomorrow her, Wes, Cindy and I will accomplish our last holiday (Prom) together as team and we are going to eat cake and celebrate one last time!