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Wedding Nostalgia


Next week on July 27th will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary, which got me thinking of a good tie in for this blog post.  You see, 25 years ago when I was fresh out of college and thinking about what I was going to do with my life I never thought 25 years later, I would be working at the store that created our florals.  My Maid of Honor was daughter to the owners of Blooms Flower Shop.  Her and I meet with her Mom and decided that because my favorite color was yellow and the girls were wearing yellow that would be a good color to build on.  So as traditional flowers went back then, everyone had little bouquets in plastic bouquet holders and the greens were primarily flat fern.  We used daisys, babys breath and yellow roses as the flowers throughout.  The girls were round with yellow streamers and mine was traily with white streamers.  The guys had complimentary buds of daisys and roses and the theme continued with our centerpieces and ceremony flowers.  It was all very pretty.  From my perspective now, as the florists, I see how the details played in and am sure that the designers hoped everything would be prefect and the bride would be happy.  That is how I feel with every wedding!  Sometimes brides come in without a clue of what to do, so I always begin with the budget/color scheme of wedding/flowers they like or do not like.  We start to build upon those basics.  It worked for me and seems to still apply today. See for yourself.