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Price vs Size


Seems this question comes up often with customers who are new to the store or do not generally order flowers often.  When people call in to order flowers I usually start off with a very general guideline standard $25-$35, deluxe $40-$55, premium $60 and up.  Some larger shops or less rural areas most likely have a standard of $45 and up.  To know how to price bouquets you need to understand your customers.  In our town the average order is approximately $40.  “Is the $25 nice?”.  That is the question…this question can be tricky to answer because as far as we are concerned all our designs are “nice”.  Even better, lovely.  To address this we need to know what the customer thinks is nice.  If it is size then we can do a showier design with less expensive flowers, if they prefer tasteful then more expensive flowers can be large and costly or perhaps less expensive if designed more small and compact.  To get a clear vision of the bouquet, if you are new to a florists, suggest some dimensions, colors and flower types to get a better idea of what that design will cost.  Once you work with a florist for a while they will begin to know what styles you prefer and your typical budget and you will become more comfortable giving them the freedom to design and be creative for you.  If you have a clear idea of what you would like don’t be afraid to share that with your florist, sometimes interesting ideas develop and really neat things are created.


Garden Roses


I was doing a wedding last summer and needed Peony.  When the Peony became unavailable my supplier recommended Garden Roses.  I was glad they did because they were so pretty and really did resemble a Peony.  Your standard rose head can tend to be more narrow and sleek looking.  Many people think that if a rose looks like it is opening then it means it no longer good.  This is not true at all.  Many times very tightly budded roses may never open at all.  Garden Roses are big and open big.  They break the open rose is old myth.  Chocked full of lots of curly petals when they open you get alot of bang for the buck.  Although they can be 2-3times the price of a standard rose, the blooms create more impact and cover more space in a bouquet.  So if you have a bouquet to fill you may only need 1/2 the quantity.  If you like a unique Rose for a special occasion, consider this variety of Rose.  They offer a vary romantic feel and come in many different colors and are perfect for event work or vase arrangements.


The Sunnyside


When you have a florists in your town you can enjoy the Sunnyside of Life all year round!  Tropical colors of hot pinks, oranges, yellows, greens are made available by your florists, no just in the summers.  When the weather is really hot, like it has been around here for quite some time this summer, and you are wanting to see more of those summer colors in your environment, bring some inside.  A bouquet of mini gerberas, kermit poms, mini roses, carnations, alstromeria, hydrangea, berrys is the perfect combination for these summer months.  Mix and match varieties and colors with some seasonal greenery.  Another idea is to place similar blossoms in single containers and scatter them around your rooms, like a garden!  If using vases place fun summer things in water with steams like crystals or shells. Just remember that it is summer so it is important to keep your blossoms in a cool place and keep the water clean so bacteria does not grow.  So stop into your local florists and see the possibilities!