Monthly Archives: October 2016

Headless Halloween.


So every year we begin the process of creating a headless flower bouquet.  Why you might ask?  Because we like to amuse ourselves and what a better time then at Halloween.  Just like the headless horseman we want our bouquet to be interesting and intriguing.  Start with a container, we generally use a vase because we can use tall straight single stem, minus the head.  We need a base of greens to stabilize the stems and we start with baker fern and then add to that.  Once the fresh items are secure we add a fun bow, maybe some gluey cobwebs, bugs, or scary Halloween pics.  It is very simple and you can even use faded flower stems from your garden.  Try it out for a fun, festive, Halloween centerpiece this year!




This is a silly post, but I always get a real kick out of the fact that Sweetest Day and Bosses Day are always within a couple of days of each other.  One day you should acknowledge your Sweetie and then your Boss.  If you are lucky like me and my husband, and you stretch the truth a bit, you can kill two birds with one flower.  You see we are both self employed and help each other out with our various businesses.  Although I am Boss here at Bloom’s and he is employee sometimes, he is Boss of his two business and I am Accountant/Money Manger.  In my mind, I think that really makes me the Boss of both, haha!  However he is the brains behind the Electrical and Fishing.  Anyway- this year bring your Sweetie a nice cut bouquet of fresh flowers hand designed with them in mind and some candy.  And, don’t forget about your Boss, they pay the bills and provide you with a job, so bring them a nice plant and some fun balloons!  I am sure this kind of appreciation will go a long way.  Especially if your Sweetie and Boss are one in the same.

planter             handtied