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Flower Superstitions…


Superstitions are fun, like ladders, black cats and mirrors!  But what about flower superstitions.  Here are some fun ones regarding flowers.

Some parts of the world consider it bad luck to give a woman an even number of Roses.

To help you forget your troubles, where a daylily or poppy.

Plant marigolds and rosemary near doorsteps to ward off witches.

It is considered bad luck to bring flowers onto a plane.

It is bad luck to give the performer of a show flowers before the show.

Sniffing a tiger lily will give you freckles.


A Small Flower Shop Owners Life…


I bet you think that being a Florists means that you spend days just playing with flowers and making bouquets.  For a straight designer that may be true, but for the owner there is much more involved.  Daily responsibilities include not only floral design but also managing deliveries, ordering, sales and customer care.  Juggling this can be tricky sometimes but with practice and good time management skills it can become fun and pretty manageable.  Other activities include weekly bill paying, bookkeeping, billing and reconciling of various financial statements and credit card activities.  There is also managing in store displays and shop clean-up.  We can handle marketing and also update and take care of Website management.  One of the funnest things to do is create various designs for the Holidays, photo shop them and create fun displays to showcase what is available.  If you like variety and a job that keeps you creative this job would be good for you too.  You never know what things blossoms when you own a Flower Shop.