Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Holiday Flower Order


Each week we commit to buy a certain quantity of flowers from our regular cut flower supplier.  This is called a standing order.  Because we make the commitment, it allows us to purchase certain flowers a little bit cheaper than if we just purchased all flowers ala carte.  We take our base order and then add some extras through out the week.  These flowers are at full price.  During any major floral holiday whether it be Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day this can be a bit tricky because you want to get the best pre-order price without over buying.  Because flowers are a perishable, it is vital to get as close as possible to what the business needs will require, any extra supply is at a risk of being sent to the trash if not used timely.  Loss merchandise can cost a business lots of money.  So as I gather my Valentine spreadsheets together and send them off to my suppliers today, it was important to be really careful not over buy or under buy.  To do this I took into account 3 variables 1) What did we sell last year for stock 2) What items do we need to fill our store features we are offering this year 3) What day of the week is Valentine’s Day on.  Historically, sales percentages vary depending on the day of the week Valentine’s Day falls on. The one thing we can not determine which affects sales is weather.  I pray that the weather is good and we are able to turn over our supply!  We are anticipating a busy year since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday and not the prelude to a weekend or winter break.  Good News.


Holiday Scramble..


It would make sense that before the Holidays any retailer is scrambling to make sure they have done everything they can do to create salable products that customers find appealing and marketing them so their community knows they are available for their Holiday needs.  But what about the after Holiday scramble?  Right after the New Year we here at the shop are in a crunch to tear down all our festive holiday displays and start getting ready for Valentine’s Day.  That means creating floral bouquets for our Website, order and restocking the store after what most often leaves our shelves a little bare on January 2nd.  In addition to that, as an owner I need to get my Business Plan, Budgeting done for 2017 and make sure that all our filing is done for Year End with federal and state agencies and checks dispersed.  As a retailer sometimes January can be a little light on sales because customers are paying off that Holiday debt.  But as a Florist this time is well used because by 1/31 everything needs to be in place for what is the largest day of sales February 14th in the calendar year.