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Peak inside our Window..


When you think about a floral shop and what we do, most likely the first thing that you think of is making flower bouquets.  Although this is a big part of what we do, there are many other facets, one being creating our Window Displays.  This is a bit challenging at our store because we have a large window in the front of our store to fill for each floral season.  We work on a limited budget, but yet want it to have impact.  Each year I vow to do better at our displays because it is what people first notice about us when they drive by the store.  In our basement we have old items from previous displays that we are able to use to create new displays.  Currently we are working on St. Pattys Day and have used a rainbow balloon arch as the centerpiece.  However it is most important to incorporate some flowers, plants or other items that represent our services.  I also like to use lights to catch peoples eyes and add some excitement and elegance. So next time you drive by check it out and let us know what your think!  Some old favorites…



The Rose.  Some people believe that certain Roses symbolize different things.  So it seemed fitting with Valentine’s Day right around the corner to share what these various meanings are.  Red- True Love, White- Loyalty, Blue- Magical/New Possibilities, Orange- Enthusiasm/Desire, Yellow- Friendship, Pink- Appreciation/Grace, Coral- Desire,  Purple- Love at First Sight, Black- Death.  Traditionally for Valentine’s Day people give Red Roses.  But the above symbolism show that if you are thoughtful about the colors that many other colors would be appropriate as well, depending on your affections.  Red gives the richest display, but mixed colored bouquets are also fun to give and based on the symbolism can be very fanciful.  Black might only be appropriate if it was symbolizing the death of a bad habit and thus the rebirth of a good habit.  So this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, if you want any traditional symbolism to your Rose bouquets, pick some colors for Sweetie to add to your Red.