Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tribute Wheel


Just another Saturday when a couple of Sister come in to order a Full Size 36″ Wagon Wheel of Flowers for their younger Brother’s Memorial Service.  They came to us because we made a real nice one back in….1956!  I was not born then so I was not familiar with this type of design.  To begin with we needed a base to create the design.  Good thing my husband has lots of tools and is good with precision.  We started with a pattern he created and a piece of thick foam insulation.  Thick enough so the spokes would be sturdy enough to withstand some pressure.  The we used 12 bundles; 60 stems of poms, salal tips, greening pins, flower paint and alot of hot glue.  The gluing took about 3.5 hours.  Each spoke represented a sibling.  The white spokes are for those that have passed on and the colored are for the remaining siblings.  Each sibling chose their color spoke.  We learned something new and got to know some new customers who had stories to tell.  No matter what the profession, never get too complacent, try new things!


Four Leaf Clover


It seems a fitting time to share a lucky find that my Husband had last year while doing work at a local farm.  It was a four leaf clover.  I read that they are so rare, that for every 4 leaf clover there are 10,000 3 leaf.  Each leaf symbolized something.  the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.   I think that everyone could us a bit of those.  The clover is in the Oxalis family which is the same as a Shamrock plant.  The Shamrock plant is the traditional St. Patrick’s Day plant and we have those on stock the week of St. Patty’s Day.  Sometimes we foil them or pot them and then add a fun pic or St. Patty bow.  In the spirit of Luck and faith grab a Shamrock plant because everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day.  Here is picture of my Lucky Clover…


Peace Lily Plants


The peace lily plant is one the easiest plants to maintain.  It has large green leaf foliage and sprouts large white blossoms.  This plant does not need  much sunlight, but does like water.  It is easy to tell if you have gone too long without watering your peace lily because it will tell you…the large leaves will start to drop downward and then it is time to give it a nice drink.  Like most tropicals, a little misting once in a while will make your plant happy as well.  Be sure to allow for drainage in your pot so the plant does not experience root rot.  Funny they call it a peace lily plant because it is not a lily at all.  It is actually from the Araceae family.  We have many request for these plants for funerals because they are “Peace” Lilys.  However, they make perfect plants for an office or large rooms because of their visual impact and low light abilities.  When we receive ours in the shop we like to dress them up with a nice basket, some moss on the top of the dirt, a bow and mist of plant shine on the leaves to make then look healthy.