Monthly Archives: April 2017

Thank You


How often to do you Thank your Assistant?  If you dont’ think of it often enough you should.  In fact there is a dedicated “Holiday” designed to do just that….show appreciation for all Your Assistant does on a daily basis.  Every year around the third week in April we fill our cooler with little tokens of appreciation that blossom.  There is nothing like fresh flowers to bring a smile to someones face as well as brighten the work environment.  For those who never receive flowers at work this gesture is extra special.  Most common designs for Assistance Appreciation Day are Mugs or Teacups filled with fresh flowers, Compact designs in vases or baskets, and Plants.  These items are easily placed in work spaces where employees can enjoy them visually.  Balloons are fun options too and Candy for those with sweet teeth!  So stop into your local flower shop and let them Assist You on this most important day.  You don’t want to be caught going the office empty handed.


Bunny in A Spring Garden


For the last few years we have featured at Easter time our Spring Bouquet that appears to have a Bunny in it!  Why?  Because when you think of Easter you think of cute Bunnys and spring floral fields.  We start with a standard basket and floral oasis.  Then we add a variety of greens like you might see in a meadow.  We take 2 white carnations to build our Bunny on.  Using pipe cleaners and cotton we construct ears and whiskers.  I like googly eyes for the Bunny’s eyes and if it is a girl we top her head with a little bow and bling.  Once our Bunny is in place we pick a variety of fresh flowers in bright spring colors and varieties to give it a springtime feel.  Flowers like daises, tulips, iris, wax flower and bear grass.  It is an all around design.  If you have not had the opportunity to see our bouquet you best HOP to it and hop on over to see us!  Happy Spring and Happy Easter.