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Florist Challenge…


During this Graduation week it got me thinking that no matter what our stage in life we always have to continue to grow and learn.  Such is the situation I am currently in at the Shop with our Website.  Out Host for the last 10 years has ceased business and left me with only a back up CD.  It is like someone gave you a puzzle and now you have to figure out how to put the puzzle back together!  This has left me with a serious challenge of how to get this site back up and running properly again, because we need our on-line Shop at 100% functionality.  As it stands now part of the challenge is complete.  The Domain has transferred, the hosting is set up and a person can view our site on a Computer.  The Challenge is getting our cart back online and our Mobile Site accessible.   Computer language is not like English, but it is difficult to wrap your head around.  First I need to secure a programmer that can help me going forward because this is not in my wheel house.  Then I need to relearn how to maintain certain aspects myself.  Customers want Flowers and we are here whether our site is fully functional or not; but it sure helps when it is!  Hopefully by my next Blog post we will have made great strides in recovering our site. (Fingers Crossed)


Prom Prep


It is that time of the year again and this year we have 3 local Proms all in 1 day.  Prom planning is very important since we have a limited amount of time to create floral displays that will help to create lasting memories for young adults.  Next to Graduation, for many High School Students Prom is the last formal event before they enter into the next phase of their lives.  To assist with this task each corsage and boutonniere is built with the specifications of the person who orders the item – each is one of a kind.  First we select the style, then the colors, then the bling type and the ribbons.  Before we start assembling the fresh product we prep.  Prep involves making in the weeks prior the packaging boxes with iridescent shred, cutting tulle for the wrapping of the boxes, making the bows to the specification of each order and selecting the perfect rhinestone spray.  The wristlet type can also make an already beautiful corsage even more impressive.  In addition to the standard elastic wristlet there is the option to upgrade to fabric, beaded, pearl or even rhinestone wristlets to attach the corsage to.  These can become keepsake bracelets after the Prom.  Preparation is the key to success!