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Nature in Blue Hues


So most Brides come to see us looking for bouquets that are popular styles in today’s Bridals gallery and magazines. Either roundy moundy or the traditional trailing bouquets.  These are beautiful time tested choices for Weddings.  However, this one bouquet was very unique in that the greenery acted as a frame for the design.  With much impact, it featured aspidistras leaves laying flat and folded over.  To create an earthy feel we added twigs and natural pods.  The original design was primarily white, but she wanted her’s to be blues and whites.  For fresh cuts we used Fuji Mums, Roses, Carnations, Hydrangea and Mini Carnations.  We used light blue and dark blue which made the dark blue really pop.  It was a perfect choice for the woodland theme and we love a good theme wedding.! They create bouquets that guest and attendant alike will always remember and stand apart from everyday designs.


Popular Design


I have decided I am going to try to build my own Website.  I had some great ideas regarding fixing my existing site and/or have a new one made for me from trusted Web Designers.  But I don’t have much to lose so I am going to attempt to create my own.  This got me thinking about what images to use for our products.  Most of the designs on our site are tried and tested.  After 10 Years these designs have stood the test time.  Non performers have been removed and new designs added over the years.  It is important to know what sells and what your customers are drawn too; in regards to design and price.  Many designs we see ordered repeatedly.  The Butterfly Basket is probably the most popular.  It is a little rustic with it’s brown basket and viney handle but still feminine in shades of pinks/purple/white and topped with butterflies.  It holds mixed greenery and a bit of fluffy filler.  Cost wise it falls right around the common price point for our rural community.  This one will be a keeper on my our new site!